I develop software to help machines
understand music.

I’m a researcher in music informatics: signal processing, modelling, machine learning. In my current job at Apple I help people discover music they’ll love. I’m also a Visiting Academic at Queen Mary University of London.


All my research has something to do with music. Check out my Google Scholar profile.

Here’s a little video of my TEDx talk about the Evolution of Popular Music: 1960–2010, see also our RSOS paper.


pYIN: Vamp plugin library for pitch and note tracking in monophonic audio

Chordino & NNLS Chroma: Vamp plugin library for harmony and chord extraction

Tony: a tool for melody transcription

Audio Degradation Toolbox: Matlab code for the controlled degradation of audio signals

Segmentino: a Vamp plugin for automatic music structural segmentation



I’m an amateur musician.

Zweieck: my band, on any good streaming service

Paddington Community Choir: my lovely local choir

Philipp-Nicolai-Kantorei: my old choir in Unna